I cannot believe nearly 4 years have passed since my last Olympic Trials race.  I am so excited to be able to finally attend this meet as a swimfan and support our newly minted Team USA as they qualify for Rio 2016.  Aside from being the biggest swimfan in Omaha, I'll actually be standing on the other side of the rope for the first time and working in a new production put on by USA Swimming!  I'm going to be a part of a new live show every morning (9am) and every evening (9pm) where you'll get a recap from the pool deck discussing finals, and then looking ahead to the prelims heats.  I am thrilled to be getting my feet wet in sports broadcasting and what better way than to talk about what I know and love - swimming!  Catch me on usaswimming.org daily to hear about the races and also get a taste of what the buz around town is as the country's best swimmers gear up for the fastest meet in swimming (yes, it's even faster than the Olympics!)

Check back here for blog and vlog updates from Omaha!